INNOVA Lotus entries will be judged on their level of genuine innovation, talk-value, and results. The entry may utilise only one media or across multiple mediums.

INNOVA Lotus will be presented to world-class concepts that have made a dramatic impact on the marketplace i.e. unique, “landmark” ideas, technologies, designs, applications or creative properties that have pushed the marketing industry into unchartered territory.

Shortlisted INNOVA Lotus entries are required* to present their works to the juries and delegates at ADFEST 2023 on Thursday 23 March 2023 in Pattaya.
*Failure of a shortlisted entry to send a presenter forfeits the entry’s right to be eligible to become a Finalist or INNOVA Lotus winner.
In the event that an entry fails to send a presenter due to travel restrictions, live online presentation will be arranged.

The same work can only be entered ONCE in IN01-IN03 but it may be re-entered into other sub-categories.

Each execution/campaign/set of execution constitutes one entry.

Innovation in Creativity
Campaign must clearly demonstrate a breakthrough in creative idea, execution, or innovation that provides communication or business solutions for the brand. Includes innovative ideas, as well as product innovations that create solutions to the challenges.

Works must be at least at the prototype stage to be eligible to enter. Conceptual ideas are not eligible.
Note: Technological innovations should be entered into IN02: Innovation in Technology or into IN03: Innovation in Prototype Technology.
Innovation in Technology
Campaign must clearly demonstrate technological innovativeness that may utilize big data, innovative tools, invention, platforms or other measures that lead to an improvement or solutions. The solutions may or may not lead to the brand.
Innovation in Prototype Technology
Campaign with technological innovativeness but yet to be marketed or launched openly in the market. The technology can be prototype, beta, or pre-production stage. While the technology has yet to be launched, it must have at least been tested. Concept ideas are not acceptable.
Scalable Innovation New
Campaign with scalability of innovation to expand the presence, use, and impact of the innovation. Includes expansion through Scaling Up (scaling effectiveness or economies of scale), Scaling Out (geographic or demographic expansion to new market segments), and Scaling Deep (maximising impact of innovation).
Note: submitted works do not need to achieve scalability yet, but should be able to demonstrate potential for scalability.
Sustainable Innovation New
Campaign with innovation initiatives designed for improved and sustainable developments for the environment that create positive impact on the physical environment.
Innovation for Humanity New
Campaign with innovation initiatives with the potential to transform and improve the quality of life of people on a significant scale. Includes initiatives to improve social or gender equality, education, healthcare, human rights, or other social justice issues.
Innovation in Local Culture Application
Campaign must demonstrate how the innovation is culturally relevant whether through solving a local issue or problem in terms of culture, religion, beliefs, traditions or languages.
Resilience Through Creativity
A special Lotus Award sub-category to recognize ideas and creative solutions that demonstrate resilience and resolve in the face of the Covid-19 global pandemic. It is awarded to works that rise above the crisis to create public, economic, cultural and/or other ideas for the greater good. The solutions may or may not be connected directly to the brand.
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