Thank you for your interest in ADFEST 2023.
Here is a quick guide to taking you through the online delegate registration.


If you have not registered before, you must first create a new account to get a password. After creating an account, your user account details will be sent to your registered email. If you have registered before, enter your account details in Existing Users: Login.


Select your Registration Type: Full Delegate, Young Delegate or Student
Remark: For Young Delegate and Student Registrations, the specified documents below (in JPG or PDF) must be uploaded during the registration process. Your registration will not be complete until all required documents are uploaded:
For Young Delegate Registration: Passport ID. For Student Registration: Passport ID, Student ID and Letter of Enrolment from the Academic Institution. Complete all information and submit your registration.
The Regular Rate is effective until 11.59 pm (Bangkok time, GMT+7) on Wednesday 22nd March 2023. Payment after which, will be charged the On-site Rate. See All Delegate Rates, Click here. Registrations are not completed until all required information must be provided and payment must be made in full. There is no limitation on the number of delegate registration under the same delegate/contact person.


Recheck your registered information very carefully. ADFEST is not responsible for typos made during the online registration. If there are any details that must be amended, the changes request must be done in writing to


It is very important to read the Accommodation Guide and Terms and Conditions carefully. Select your accommodation requirement. (If you do not require an accommodation reservation, the system will automatically lead you to the summary page.)
Remark: The system will not allow you to rebook the accommodation. In case you do not wish to make the reservation. After you click confirm on the summary page, so please make sure all the details and requirements are finalized before you confirm.
*** Please note that you cannot rebook or edit hotel when you a confirmed delegate.
Select Hotel and complete all hotel requirements. Click Next to go to the summary page.
Remark: If you want to make a reservation later. Please contact us via email at


Your registered information will be shown on this page (e.g. number and details of registered delegate/young creative/student and payment summary) To add a new registration, click Register Another Delegate. To complete the registration, click Proceed to Payment
Remark: To complete your registration, you must click “Confirm” to finalize your registration on the” Summary” page. You can no longer edit the delegate’s information after you click confirm, so please make sure all the details and requirements are finalized before you confirm. Once a delegate is ''Confirmed'', you can no longer ''Edit'' or ''Delete'' that delegate.


Your registered information will be shown on this page (e.g. number/details of registered delegate/young creative/student and payment summary) Select your Payment Method and complete all required information. ADFEST accepts payment via Credit Card (via SiamPay), Bank Transfer*, and Cheque (for Thailand only)
*Bank Transfer must be made by 11.59 pm (Bangkok Time, GMT+7) on Thursday 16th March 2023. Payment after which, must be done via credit card or cash (payment in Thai Baht at the festival) only.
Click Submit Payment Method and wait until the system shows a 'Complete' pop-up. The process may take a few minutes. Once the payment method has been selected, the system will send you a confirmation letter containing the details of your registered delegate/s, hotel reservation details, the payment details (including the payment process), and the next process for paid delegate/contact person to go through your registered email. Delegate/contact person will need to complete all the payments according to the details indicated in the confirmation letter. After payment is made, the delegate/contact person must inform the ADFEST organizer either via email or fax of the payment ADFEST will reconfirm the receipt of payment and will update the payment status in the online system from “Unpaid” to “Paid” status. The system will send the acknowledgment letter to the delegate/contact person for confirmation. DONE! See you at ADFEST!
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