ADFEST is now accepting program proposal submissions for its ADFEST 2020 programme line-up for:

Speaker sessions
35–minute sessions in presentation, panel discussion or practical demonstration format.

More hands-on and interactive group settings to maximise personalisation, interaction, and learning experience in the following formats:
Workshop Room:
The format is most suitable for presentation, group discussion, training and experiential in a controlled environment.
Open Space Workshop:
The format is suitable for small group participation in simulations or crafting set-up in open space area.

Make sure you have read through our Program Proposal Guide carefully before submitting your proposal. Some key information regarding the proposal submission: Program Proposals must be submitted online by 30th November 2019. If your proposal is confirmed, ADFEST does not provide T&A or speaker fees. ADFEST provides complimentary festival pass/es to the speaker/s only. Remember that our delegates want to hear inspiring creative, ground-breaking content, and not sale pitches!
Submit your proposal online here by 30th November 2019

For enquiries please contact Amp, Speaker Liaison, at: and
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