CG Metahumans and the Infinite New Frontier of Communication
As human beings spend more time exploring, playing, and interacting in online and virtual worlds, computer generated avatars and metahumans are becoming increasingly important as virtual representations of individuals, companies, and concepts, and reimagining the relationship between brands and consumers.  As brands seek to adapt and harness the infinite possibilities, they are collaborating with character designers, animation directors and creative production companies, and together plotting the next frontier of communication.

Focusing on a future VOGUE edition theme, this workshop will explore how, through compelling storytelling and art direction, and a smart use of cutting-edge communication tools, a character can make a deep and meaningful impact. The goal is for an optimistic, future-facing, and free-thinking exploration, unconstrained by concerns around specific platforms, tools or tech. 
Final Frontier will showcase the avant-garde in experimental and brand-developed metahumans, alongside examples of groundbreaking industry shifts being spearheaded by CG designers and directors.
VOGUE China will introduce their pioneering role in plotting fashion’s ‘Virtual Frontier’ and pushing the boundaries on new technology in fashion image-making, including the Infini and Meta-Ocean initiatives.
Attendees will be briefed with creating their own individual - or cast of - metahumans for VOGUE, exploring every aspect from conceptualization, and art direction, to storytelling, and engagement with audiences.



The current metahuman design, storytelling and communication landscape

The process of metahuman character development, and storytelling
How to engage with the consumer to tell engaging stories, both in the current offline and virtual environments, and potential future spaces.

Who is the workshop for?
Creatives, art directors, producers, strategists, marketers, and directors, of all levels of seniority working in the commercial industry.

    Date:                   Saturday 25th March 2023
    Time:                   14.30 – 16.30
    Venue:                   Room PATTAYA 3
    Remark:                   Pre-registration is required

Interested applicant must be a registered delegate of ADFEST 2023
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Reservation is strictly first-come-first-served & seats are limited to only 30 delegates only.

Participant must bring their own laptop to be able to make moodboards!

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Final Frontier is a visionary production company, specializing in animation for Advertising & Entertainment, Experiential, and Artistic developments.
    Presenters & Facilitators:
    Chris Colman          Executive Producer
    Gus Karam          Chief Strategy Officer
    Yanyie Tran          Executive Producer & Chief Sustainability Officer
    Presenter & Facilitator:
    Ray Fu          Content Planning & Development Lead 

Chris Colman
Executive Producer
Final Frontier

Chris is a creative, writer, and producer specialized in animation. 

Based in Shanghai, he is executive producer and partner in production company Final Frontier, collaborating with a roster of incredibly talented directors, artists, and storytellers to shape exceptional animated content for the likes of Nike, BMW, Hermès and many more.

He previously worked with DreamWorks (now Pearl Studio) where he served as international ambassador and chief scout for top-tier and emerging writers, directors, and visual talent. His role saw him traverse the globe, forging collaborative relationships with field-leading studios, animation schools, and industry events.  

Across an eclectic career, Chris has produced and overseen multiple award-winning animated productions, served on most major award show juries, written dozens of articles on animation, advertising and film for trade media, moderated and spoken on many business and thought leadership panels, and consulted for clients across Europe, Asia and the US.

Gus Karam
Chief Strategy Officer
Final Frontier

Gus Karam is an executive producer for design, animation, film, and music, with over a decade of experience in the advertising and entertainment industry. Gus is a partner and co-founder of the renowned animation studio Le Cube and the world- class animation production company Final Frontier and the divisions FFXR, and Final Frontier Entertainment; he is also a partner at Silk Gallery in Madrid, which merges contemporary graphic design and illustration with fine arts. 

Across his career, he has executed productions for countless agencies and clients across five continents, winning multiple times awards in festivals such as Ciclope Festivals, Cannes Lions, D&AD, New York Festivals, CLIO, LIA, and Promax, to mention a few. 

Gus is an opinion leader in the industries of animation and advertising, having written columns and articles for several specialized media across the globe, and also giving talks and conferences at several of the most relevant festivals in the world, including D&AD, Offf Barcelona, Klikk Festival Amsterdam, Cut Out Fest in Mexico, Promax, and CCG Shanghai among others. 

Yanyie Tran
Executive Producer & Chief Sustainability Officer
Final Frontier
Yanyie is a dynamic and solution-focused personality with more than 9-years experience in various areas of mix media production and live experience in the commercial industry, working across different agencies and brands. Starting off as an event strategic planner for Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Jaguar and other international brands, she went into interactive experiences to lead the account and projects for Nike, Porsche and some of the biggest agencies in Shanghai.  For the last 5 years, she works as a creative freelance producer in animation and multidisciplinary production on campaigns for brands like Adidas, Airbnb, Nike, Coca Cola, BMW and many others. Her experience, mixed with her passion in sustainability and personal community projects helps her gain a great understanding in different areas and therefore navigate through diverse and challenging projects.

Ray Fu
Content Planning & Development Lead

Ray Fu is a creative and a producer, his favourite storytelling medium is video. From selling products, to shaping identity, his work is at the intersection of commerce and culture. He arrived in China over ten years ago, and has since taken lead creative and production roles with VICE, Airbnb, PUSH Media, and now, VOGUE China.

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