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ADFEST is delighted to reveal the winners of 10 of a total 19 categories, which were announced today at the ADFEST 2019 Lotus Awards. Creative professionals from agencies, digital and production studios were presented with trophies tonight in the first of two Awards ceremonies. The second ceremony takes place tomorrow night, 23rdMarch, at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand.


Fifty-six jury members from 22 cities chose this year’s winners, guided by Grand Jury President Mark Tutssel, Executive Chairman and Global Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett Worldwide, Chicago.


Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST, said: “ADFEST Lotus Awards juries have always been selected to represent the diversity of cultures in our region and I have always been proud of their passion and integrity. With Lotus Roots being an integral part of our awards portfolio, it is critical that we have an all-star jury of experts in their field who represent different cultural perspectives from markets around the world. This year I am also delighted that so many female leaders accepted our invitation to join the ADFEST jury, making this year the highest quota of female jurors in our festival’s history.”



This year, there were 96 entries in the Interactive Lotus category with 6Bronze, 4 Silver and 2 Gold awards. There was no Grande awarded. Two Gold Lotuses in Interactive were awarded to:

• Dentsu Inc., Tokyofor Gatsby Perfect Skin Lotion ‘The Kawaii Tweak Hazard Song’

• BWM Dentsu, Sydneyfor The AIS Association ‘Project Revoice’.

            Interactive and Mobile Jury President Natalie Lam, International Executive Creative Director, New York, said: “What we liked about ‘The Kawaii Tweak Hazard Song’ is it has high entertainment value while also making us question our addiction to social media and why we spend so much time on it. It’s fun; it made us laugh. We also loved Project Revoice, which is not only an impressive piece of technology but it serves a bigger human purpose. We really could see how giving back someone’s voice is such a magical, moving thing.”



Mobile Lotus received 65 entries with 3 Bronze, 5 Silver and 1 Gold Lotus awards. There was no Grande awarded. Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyo won Gold for Panasonic Hearing Instruments ‘Bird Hearing Test’.

 “This is a very charming piece of work. When people lose their hearing, they can no longer hear certain birdcalls. So Hakuhodo created an app encouraging people to test their hearing in the forest by listening for different birds. It’s essentially a hearing diagnostic tool, but it makes the experience fun, and uses a lot of data to turn a dry subject into a very charming experience,” said Interactive and Mobile Jury President Natalie Lam, International Executive Creative Director, New York.

“Overall, I’m really amazed at the number of non-tech brands in Asia, particularly Japan and Korea, that are using AI and data in really interesting ways,” says Lam.



From a total of 241 entries to the Design Lotus category, there were 12 Bronze, 10 Silver, 6 Gold and 1 Grande Lotus awards. The Grande Design Lotus was awarded to Innocean Worldwide, Seoulfor Hyundai Motor Company ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic, Paralympic Hyundai Pavilion’.

 “Innocean’s campaign for Hyundai is a really fantastic piece of design, executed at a huge scale. We were very impressed with this category overall – one thing I love about Asian award shows is that you see different local cultures embedded in the work. In some sub-categories in particular, such as Posters, we saw incredible amounts of excellent, very diverse work,” said Design and Print Craft Jury President Ali Rez, Regional Creative Director, Impact BBDO Middle East & Pakistan, Dubai & Lahore.

Barbara Humphries, Creative Director at The Monkeys, Sydney also judged the Design and Print Craft Lotus categories. She said: “I thought the quality of the work overall was of a really high standard, and there were many outstanding pieces. Print is a wonderfully tactile medium and that plays a huge role in how we view and experience the design itself. Continually seeing design and communication online, it’s easy to forget how fundamental our senses are in appreciating craft on a physical and human level.”

Regarding this year’s Grande Design winner, she added: “For us it came down to the integration of the idea through the physical experience of the work, the chosen visual language, and the impact of the design itself. It was a really moving piece of work.”

Six Gold awards in Design were awarded to:

·      TBWA\Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyofor AIG Japan Holdings ‘Pride Jersey’

·      TBWA\India, Mumbaifor Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute ‘Blink to Speak’

·      Dentsu Inc., Tokyofor Kanazawa High School Sumo Wrestling Tournament ‘72 Posters for School Teams participating in the High School Sumo Tournament – Project to increase Sumo Wrestlers’ 

·      Dentsu Inc., Tokyo/ Que Corporation for Ofurobu ‘Find a new face of ‘Ofuro’’

·      The Brand Agency, Perthfor Foodbank WA ‘Hungry Puffs’

·      TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno, Manila for Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines Inc. ‘This is a tree’.



There were 137 entries to the Print Craft Lotus category and 4 Bronze, 7 Silver, 4 Gold and 1 Grande Lotus awards. The Grande Lotus for Print Craft was awarded to Ogilvy Hong Kongfor KFC Hong Kong ‘Hot & Spicy campaign’.

 “This is fantastic work from its conceptual design to the craft, which is awesome – but it’s also a client’s dream because the product is so large. They did it so well, it’s just a really beautiful piece of work,” said Design and Print Craft Jury President Ali Rez, Regional Creative Director, Impact BBDO Middle East & Pakistan, Dubai & Lahore.

Barbara Humphries, Creative Director at The Monkeys, Sydney also judged the Design and Print Craft Lotus categories, and adds: “This one was a bit of a no brainer, as it was so strong in so many of the sub-categories. A very humbling example of a simple idea executed faultlessly.”

Gold awards in Print Craft were also awarded to:

·      Ogilvy Hong Kong for KFC Hong Kong ‘Dragster’

·      Ogilvy Hong Kongfor KFC Hong Kong ‘Hot & Spicy Campaign’ 

·      Illusion Co., Ltd., Bangkok andOgilvy Group ThailandBangkokfor Freeland ‘Kill one, Kill all’ 

·      Cheil Worldwide, Hong Kongfor JBL (ITECT Ltd) ‘Block out the Chaos Campaign’. 



The Brand Experience & Engagement Lotus was formerly called the Promo Lotus category. From 230 entries, there were 6 Bronze, 9 Silver, 5 Gold and 1 Grande Lotus awards. The Grande Lotus was awarded to Dentsu Inc., Tokyofor Chicken Ramen ‘Akuma No Kimura (Demonically Spicy Ramen)’.

 “The Grande winner is full of fun and happy energy. This devilish campaign showed the boldness of transforming Chicken Ramen's lovely character Hiyoko-chan into a monster chicken full of evil energy. It's a great idea to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the world's oldest ramen, and it's a powerful animation and witty story that's going to spread through social networks. It completely captivated the judges, and most of all, it was a perfect fit for the category.”

“The overall level of entries in this category was very high. We laughed or cried during the judging because there was a lot of empathy shown in the ideas, which actually drive the market and create a lot of repercussions at a fraction of the cost,” said Kate Hyewon Oh, Chief Creative Officer at Cheil Worldwide, Seoul and this year’s Brand Experience & Engagement and Direct Jury President.

Congratulations to our Gold winners:

·      Dentsu Inc., Tokyofor SOH ‘Play with your food’  

·      TBWA\Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyofor AIG Japan Holdings, ‘Pride Jersey’

·      BBDO Bangkokfor Mercedes-Benz Vans ‘The Universal Language of Pain’

·      Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyofor Y!Mobile ‘720 Hours of Youth’

·      Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyofor Takasaki City ‘Red Restaurants List’



There were 187 entries to the Direct Lotus category with 4 Bronze, 3 Silver, 8 Gold and 1 Grande Lotus trophies awarded. The Grande Lotus for Direct was awarded to CHE Proximity, Melbournefor ‘AutoAds’, which also won two Gold Lotuses.

 “Auto Ads was unanimously chosen by all of us. It's a really smart campaign that tailors the business of selling used cars directly to consumer's needs. Consumers have a wonderful experience with their uploaded cars and even their names appearing on TV and online in cool advertisements. It is a perfect campaign in terms of scale and outcome,” said Brand Experience & Engagement and Direct Jury President Kate Hyewon Oh, Chief Creative Officer at Cheil Worldwide, Seoul.

In terms of emerging trends, Oh says: “We are seeing more and more consumer involvement in the creative process, and creating results together. Consumers are no longer audiences, but colleagues and competitors on the creative stage. Sometimes I'm afraid of those changes as a creator, but if we accept that creative is not a one-way show, but a journey that's being made together with consumers, we'll find many possibilities in this trend.”

Congratulations to this year’s remaining Gold winners in Direct:

·      Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyofor Takasaki City ‘Red Restaurants List’, which won two Golds

·      The Brand Agency, Perthfor Foodbank WA ‘Hungry Puffs’

·      Cheil Worldwide, Seoulfor Firevase ‘Firevase’

·      CHE Proximity, Melbournefor Cochlear ‘Hearprint’

·      BWM Dentsu, Sydneyfor The ALS Association ‘Project Revoice’.



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