ADFEST continues to sign up world leading experts of creativity and craftsmanship to present at Craft@ADFEST, a two-day stream dedicated to highlighting the latest production, digital, content and technology trends, which runs from 20th-21st March 2019 as part of ADFEST 2019.


ADFEST is delighted to confirm the following Craft@ADFEST sessions:


‘World Animation Domination’, presented by Marko Klijn, Ringmaster, Cirkus, Auckland

Craft@ADFEST: Wednesday 20th March, 10.40-11.15

Discover the power of character animation in this session from Marko Klijn, the self-proclaimed ‘Ringmaster’ of Cirkus’, an animation company that launched in New Zealand in 2006.  Klijn believes that animated characters are not just for kids. He’ll review the latest and greatest animated spots from across the world.


Women Owned Companies: More Female Voices in the Pipeline’, hosted by OWNED and moderated by Pippa Bhatt, Founding Partner & New Business Director of Madam London, London

Craft@ADFEST: Wednesday 20th March, 14.30-15.05

Several major brands want to appoint women-owned production companies more often – yet they seem to be difficult to find. While there are many female producers, the rate of female ownership or partnership is still relatively low. Pippa Bhatt, Founding Partner & New Business Director of Madam London will lead a conversation with Carly Stone, Founding Partner & Executive Producer of Madam London; Emma Daines, Founder & CEO, Fin Design and Effects, Sydney & Shanghai; Maria Laletina, CEO, SHP & SHP+, Shanghai and Victoria Conners, Executive Producer, The Producers, Melbourne. They’ll discuss why, now more than ever, it’s important to continue to drive the conversation about equality forward.


‘VFX and the Future of Creative Collaboration: Getting the Most Out of Partnership’, presented by Jamie Loudon, Executive Producer, MPC Shanghai

Craft@ADFEST: Wednesday 20th March, 15.05-15.40

If you’d like to learn how to better harness the power of VFX, don’t miss this session from MPC Shanghai. Jamie Loudon joined MPC Shanghai in August 2018 and will highlight a worrying trend in the current industry – specifically in Asia – where there are fewer examples of smart collaborations between VFX and creative. He’ll explain how the VFX industry can work with agencies and brands to formulate the future of advertising.


‘Think Within the 9:16 Box – Vertical Storytelling’, presented by Guan Hin Tay, Founder & Global CCO, TGH Collective, Singapore

Craft@ADFEST: Wednesday 20th March, 15.40-16.15

The future is vertical, according to Guan Hin Tay, who points out that by 2019, vertical storytelling formats will take up 80% of all internet traffic. If 9:16 vertical videos will be the new normal, then brands need to learn how to create impact through Vertical Storytelling designed specifically for mobile phone viewing. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to create content for vertical formats to drive market share on social media.


‘Beyond Culture, What Influences Film Craft?’ moderated by Julie Thomas-Toda, Creative Producer of AOI Pro. Inc., Tokyo

Craft@ADFEST: Wednesday 20th March, 16.50–17.25

Is film craft unique in Asian countries compared to, say, Europe or America? Are the visual aesthetics, production techniques, and rules of filmmaking driven by cultural and national differences? To get some answers, Julie Thomas-Toda is returning to ADFEST this year to host an illuminating conversation with three female Asian directors: Karina Taira, Film Director, Fashion & Beauty Photorapher, who is based between Paris and Milan; Aki Mizutani, Director & Editor, Cutters Tokyo; and Sling Ng, Director from Directors Think Tank, based in Kuala Lumpur.


‘Technology Innovation and Brand Building’, presented by Paul Lu, Brand, Creative, Events and Olympic Marketing Director at Intel China, Beijing

 Craft@ADFEST: Thursday 21st March 2019, 11.50 - 12.25

Marketing expert Paul Lu will reveal how Intel is incorporating new technologies and tools into its own brand building efforts in China. Lu is responsible for all brand related marketing strategies at Intel China, including brand positioning, brand value management and goal setting. From AI to VR, 5G and autonomous driving, he’ll reveal Intel’s own practices for employing new technologies within brand building campaigns, while ensuring its brand remains top of mind.


‘2019 Brands: Your SUCCESS is in SOUND’, presented by Diederik van Middelkoop, Creative Director at Amp.Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Craft@ADFEST: Thursday 21st March, 15.00 - 15.40

What does your brand sound like? In the age of voice assistants, this question has never been more important. Using humor and insight, this workshop will teach participants the growing importance of the sound of brands, with examples of successes and failures. Van Middelkoop has produced the sonic branding for brands like Jet Airways (Indian airline), NN (international finance), Traton (German Logistics Company) and Bavaria (Dutch beer).


ADFEST 2019 will again be divided into two streams: Craft@ADFEST on 20th – 21st March and Creative@ADFEST on 22nd – 23rd March. For more details about registration fees and packages, or to book tickets, click here. For all the latest speaker announcements, visit

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