ADFEST has lined up some of the world’s leading production and digital experts to present at Craft@ADFEST on 20th-21st March 2019. Craft@ADFEST is dedicated to exploring the latest production, digital, content and technology trends and will be followed by Creative@ADFEST on 22nd and 23rd March, a two-day stream that’s all about creativity – the DNA of ADFEST. ADFEST is pleased to confirm the following Craft@ADFEST sessions:


Make VR something more than just a roller coaster ride: Cinematic VR,presented by Przemyslaw Drosik, CEO and Co-Founder, LocoMotive, Warsaw

Craft@ADFEST: Wednesday 20th March, 11.15 - 11.50

This session will explore the making of "Warsaw Rising" – the first feature film in Poland executed using VR technology. Starring almost 60 actors and filmed with 24 cameras, this 17-minute VR experience has everything: explosions, gunshots, tanks, and a touching plot based on actual events. ‘Warsaw Rising’ has garnered acclaim from critics all over the world. Drosik will shed light on the production process and various VR techniques used, from stereoscopy to ambisonic sound. Don’t miss the chance to learn how to create truly immersive VR films.


Why human insight matters more in the tech-driven erapresented by Thomas Hongtack Kim, Founder and Creative Solutionist at 2kg, Seoul

Craft@ADFEST: Wednesday 20th March, 12.25 - 13.00

“We are now living in a world where AI, big data, and media fragmentation are significant and momentous,” says Thomas Hongtack Kim, Founder and Creative Solutionist at 2kg in Seoul. Yet Kim believes AI is just a supporting element in arriving at the right creative solution. He has categorized five genuine human insights, which are essential for creating successful marketing campaigns in this tech-driven era. Before launching  2kg, a creative solutions lab based in Seoul, Kim worked for Cheil Worldwide as an Executive Creative Director of the agency’s Creative Innovation Group.


If you think you don't belong, then you do’, presented by Michael Knox, Chief Creative Officer, Grey China, Hong Kong and Graham Drew, Executive Creative Director at Grey Malaysia

 Craft@ADFEST: Wednesday 20th March, 15.05 - 15.40

Have you ever had the feeling that you have, somehow, got where you are by dumb luck and that you are, in fact, a total fraud? If so, don’t miss this session from Grey’s Michael Knox and Graham Drew.They’ll explain why creatives shouldn’t be afraid of Imposter Syndrome: “That fear of not belonging, or not knowing what to do next often means that you're on the cusp of something good.” They’ll teach you how to change your relationship with fear and embrace it – before it destroys you.


Women Don’t Drink Beer… (how your data is all wrong)’, moderated by Krittin Sopon, Planning Lead, Iris Worldwide, Bangkok

 Craft@ADFEST: Wednesday 20th March, 16.15 – 16.50

Join four experts from Iris Worldwide as they reveal how Chang Beer took advantage of data while avoiding old segmentation biases to create an entirely new message. Krittin Sopon will lead a conversation with Kevin Larken, ECD, Iris Worldwide, Bangkok along with Iris Singapore’s Richard Reid, Head of Iris Concise and Luke Nathans, Regional CEO. This panel discussion will shine a spotlight on the shifting landscape in Thailand. Learn how to identify the sweet-spots for using small and big data as part of your marketing mix, optimizing strategy and increasing effectiveness.


The Changing Face of Retail’, presented by Leslie Hodgin, Global Retail Group Director, Cheil Worldwide in Seoul

 Craft@ADFEST: Thursday 21st March 2019, 11.15 – 11.50

Millenials and Gen Z expect more from every shopping experience, and they’re changing the face of retail. Today, it’s experiences that drive brand loyalty, return visits and purchase. Retail expert Leslie Hodgin will share insights into key trends, from technology to customization. She will also share examples of global brands are successfully building the future of retail. With more than 20 years of agency and marketing experience, Hodgin is one of the world’s foremost retail experts. She has worked across verticals from telecom to tech and currently leads the Omni-Channel Business Group at Cheil in Seoul, covering all aspects of the Global Retail experience for Samsung.


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