In association with straight 8,the APA, and Cinelab London, ADFEST is delighted to announce the straight 8 industry shootout @ ADFEST 2018, where APAC/MENA companies in the advertising industry compete at straight 8 for charity.
straight 8is the global one-super-8-cartridge-no-editing film competition founded in 1999 in London. straight 8 entrants make a film on one roll of super 8mm cine film, with no second takes, no editing and no post-production. Sound must be original and is delivered 'blind'. straight 8 takes care of processing the films so that the first time even the films’ makers see their work is at its premiere.
Any companies working in advertising in APAC & MENA can take one of the 20 places available. They will shoot their film, send it to London, and then see it for the first time at ADFEST 2018 on Thursday 22nd March in Thailand. All films will be shown no matter how they come out. The maximum film length for this competition will be 2 minutes 30 seconds.
The entrants will vote for their top three films, not including their own. The winners will donate the prize pot to a charity of their choice.
This industry shootout format of straight 8 is enjoying growing popularity after two years at Cannes and a recent collaboration with CICLOPE International Festival of Craft: straight 8 @ CICLOPE 2017. straight 8 industry shootout has been entered by ad agencies, production companies, service companies, edit and post houses, music companies and more.
Now, companies in the APAC and MENA regions have the chance to compete. There is no creative brief and entering companies must source all cameras, crews, props, locations and ideas.
REGISTRATION is free, non-binding and essential to be pre-approved for entry. Register now at
ENTRY is on a first come, first served basis. The first 20 companies to enter at 8am on Wednesday December 13th will be the competitors. Only registered and approved companies will receive the entry link at that time. Registration is recommended asap.
One super 8 cartridge will be sent to each entered company who must film on that cartridge and send the exposed, but un-processed, film back to London by Monday February 19th.
This is a great chance to have some fun, making a film in one of the hardest ways possible, raising money for charity and battling creatively with the rest of the industry. 
We’ve put together a selection of previous straight 8 films for inspiration here.
Companies entering recent straight 8 industry shootouts at Cannes and CICLOPE include:
adam&eveDDB, BBH, Partizan, Mother, Saatchi, Droga5 (New York), Glassworks Productions,
Hogarth Worldwide, Iconoclast, iris Amsterdam, iris London, iris Singapore, String and Tins, WK London, 72andSunny, The Lift (Mexico), Framestore Pictures (Los Angeles), TFC Japan, CZAR (Amsterdam), Radical Media (London) and many more.
Jimmy Lam, President, ADFEST:
"Some of the world’s most famous agencies have participated in straight 8 industry shootouts – now it is time for creative companies in the APAC and MENA regions to have their chance to participate, too. It’s not often you get the opportunity to make a film with no brief, in one of the hardest ways possible, while also raising money for charity, so I encourage creative companies to get involved and show off their talents at ADFEST 2018.”
Steve Davies, APA Chief Executive:
“straight 8 is a competition of pure creativity and creates a fantastic screening because no one knows what is coming up - even the film makers who have sent their films off to be developed and not seen them since. It’s tense and spectacular. The APA is proud to have supported straight 8 since soon after Ed came up with it.”

Ed Sayers, Founder, straight 8:
“Challenging ad companies to compete on a level-playing field, making films in one of the hardest ways imaginable, with no creative brief is a lot of fun. It’s exciting seeing big and small companies battle for attention on a big blank cinema screen and squirm with fear and excitement, as they watch their own work for the very first time, whilst sitting with 100’s of their respected peers and colleagues! We’ve had nearly every kind of company working in advertising enter before, except a media agency or… a client. That would be cool. We’re super-excited to partner with ADFEST and are looking forward to seeing companies in very different parts of the world rising to this challenge together.”
straight 8 began in 1999 when London-based director, Ed Sayers, asked friends to have a go at making a short film on one cartridge of super 8 each - with no waste, at a 1:1 shooting ratio. The films were screened in London’s West End to a packed audience, projecting off Super 8 with the audio playing from cassettes. No-one saw their films in advance.
Since 2003 straight 8 has held premieres for 12 years at Cannes Film Festival, receiving 100-200 entries for every annual open competition. straight 8 has also enjoyed broadcast on Channel 4 TV.
The straight 8 industry shootout is an ad-industry version of the competition running in Cannes in 2016 and 2017 during the ad festival, at CICLOPE and now ADFEST. This version is open to any companies working in the ad industry, to compete as companies, for charity.
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A selection of previous straight 8s for inspiration:
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