PATTAYA, 19March 2016:

The 19th ADFEST wrapped up this year’s four-day Festival with an Awards Presentation at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand on Saturday, 19th March 2016.
1,243 delegates from 62 cities in total attended the advertising creativity festival, and soaked up after international speak sessions, breakout workshops, networking events and the huge exhibition of 3,112entries across 18 awards categories.
Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST summed up, "Since when I arrived for ADFEST 2016 last Saturday, one keyword that kept occurring of this year's festival was 'Happy'. The juries are all happy with the judging process and the judging results. The speakers are all happy with how the seminars are organized. The delegates are happy with the contents of the seminars, and happy with how the two awards ceremonies have been run. All of you, are happy with the ambience as well as the food and drinks at networking parties.
Since the dawn of ADFEST in 1998, we have always been focusing in creativity and we will remain to do so. In 2017, ADFEST will be 20 years old. We dare calling for submission to design a new Lotus Awards trophy, to celebrate our 20 years of passion in creativity."
Lotus Awards

The final awards presentation was held at PEACH on Saturday, 19th March 2016 to announce Radio, Film, Promo, Effective, Media, Branded Content & Entertainment, Integrated, INNOVA Lotus, Lotus Roots and Special awards before delegates were treated to a festive finale party held at the atmospheric Infini Pool at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Royal Cliff Hotels Group.
Radio Lotus
        This year there were 70 entries for Radio Lotus. Jury President Ben Welsh, Creative Chairman Asia of M&C Saatchi, Sydney said, “There are some brilliant writing – so much I feel we should have a ‘writing for radio’ craft category. Not much in the way of inspired use of radio which was a shame. Overall the best and simplest ideas were the ones which stood out.”                                                                                                               
        9 awards were announced, including 3 Bronze, 4 Silver, and 1 Gold Lotus. The Grande went to McCann Worldgroup Japan/McCann Erickson Japan ‘Beer-Lingual’for Malts the Draft. The Gold Award was given to Leo Burnett Jakarta for GOMART ‘Beef Broccoli’ in Commercial Public Services & Private Services.
Film Lotus
There were 282 entries being collected by the Film category this year.
Film Jury PresidentBen Welsh, Creative Chairman Asia of M&C Saatchi, Sydney said “If an alien landed on earth and wanted to get to know this part of the world I’d recommend judging film at ADFEST – you learn so much about the cultures. ADFEST is a unique show where cultural ideas are recognised not just in Roots."
26 awards were announced, including 16Bronze, 6 Silver and 3 Gold.

The Grande was given to Nitto, Tokyo for Ocedel ‘Firefly Man’ 

The three Gold awards were won by:
  • Watts of Tokyo Inc., Tokyo for Shiseido’s Products ‘High School Girl?’

  • The Leo Burnett Group Thailand, Bangkok for Tesco Lotus ‘Taxi’ and

  • M&C Saatchi, Sydney for Testicular Cancer Awareness ‘Game of Balls’

Promo Lotus
The Promo category attracted 226 entries in 2016.
27 awards were given out in total, which included 10 Bronze, 10 Silver, and 6 Gold , Lotus awards. The Grande was presented to Cheil Worldwide, Seoul for Olleh TV ‘KT Life Saving TV’ in Best Use of Other Digital Media.
The six Gold awards were awarded to :
  • Colenso BBDO, Auckland for DB Export ‘ Brewtroleum’ in Event & Field Marketing

  • J. Walter Thompson Jakarta for Angkasa Pura II ‘Last Minute Souvenir’ in Ambient Promotion: Small Scale

  • Creative Juice&fxg;Bangkok for 3M Zipper Bags ‘The Freshest Billboards’ also in Ambient Promotion: Large Scale

  • Leo Burnett Melbourne for SPC Canned Fruits and Vegetables ‘#MYFAMILYCAN’ in Best Use of Merchandising/In-Store Marketing Including Promotional Packaging

  • Denstu Inc., Tokyo for Cupnoodle Pastastyle ‘Pasta Not Approved by Italians.’ in Best New Product Launch/Re-launch at Retail

  • M&C Saatchi, Sydney for Testicular Cancer Awareness ‘Game of Balls’ in Best Use of Internet/Online Advertising

Effective Lotus

The Effective Lotus had increased to gain popularity and attracted 60 entries for ADFEST 2016. Entries must show results achieved against the strategy as well as the creative work and are judged on all three criteria.
6 trophies were given out in total, which included 5 Effective and 1 Grande Lotus awards.

The Grande was presented to Leo Burnett Melbourne for its ‘#MYFAMILYCAN’ campaignfor SPC Canned Fruits and Vegetables.
Jury President of Promo Lotus and Effective Lotus Chris Chiu from Singapre, said “With over 300 entries representing a diversity of cultures that is Asia, it was interesting to see how there was a common thread to use tech to facilitate creative solutions. Thanks again, because promotions are created to target results, it makes sense that solutions utilise technology to maximise reach.”

There were 3 Effective Lotus awards given in the Campaign Success category for:
  • Rumble Creative and Media, Brisbane for same brand name work ‘The Ugly Xmas Rashie’

  • Ogilvy Group Thailand, Bangkok for WWF ‘Chor Chang’

  • BBDO Hong Kong for Snickers ‘Hungry Sip Ups’

There were 2 Effective Lotus were given in the Small Budget category and were for:

  • Leo Burnett Manila for McDonald’s ‘Beat the May Weather’

  • Creativeland Asia Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai for Kalpataru Amoda Reserve ‘Amoda Reserve’

Media Lotus
Media Lotus received 247 entries. There were 41 awards given in the category, including 1 Grande, 9 Gold, 15 Silver and 16Bronze.

The Grande Lotus was presented to Leo Burnett Beirut for Johnnie Walker ‘Keep the Flam Alive’ in Best Use of Social Media & Earned Media.
Jury President, Josy Paul, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of BBDO India, Mumbai said "For media, we looked at ideas that moved us powerfully and how media was used to maximise those ideas... How media created a multiplier effect. The changing nature of media is changing the way we look at ideas. "
Two of the Gold awards were presented to Hakuhodo Kettle. Inc., Tokyo for Best Use of Ambient: Small Scale ‘Shell We Move?’ for SUUMO, and Best Use of Technology work ‘Eye Play the Piano’ for The University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Schools.

The other seven Golds were given to:
  • Innocean Worldwide, Seoul for Hyundai Motor Company ‘A Message to Space’

  • Dentsu Inc., Tokyo for I-Road ‘Openroad Project’

  • BBDO Bangkok Ltd. for Anti Smoking Campaign ‘The Message From the Lungs’

  • ADK Japan, Tokyo for Toyota Hybrid ‘Toyota Barista’

  • Cheil Hong Kong for KKBOX ‘Secret Stage’

  • BBDO India, Mumbai for Whisper ‘Touch the Pickle’ and

  • M&C Saatchi, Sydney for Testicular Cancer Awareness ‘Game of Balls’

Branded Content & Entertainment Lotus

Branded Content and Entertainment Lotus had a fruitful year and counted 145 entries for 2016. There were 9 awards given in the category, and no Grande Lotus were presented this year.
Jury president, Josy Paul, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of BBDO India, Mumbai stated "For branded content we were careful not to limit the category by defining it too sharply. It's too nascent a category and so we kept it open and let the work lead. It's about how brands tell, share, show and live their stories with audiences. Something that consumers want to spend time with. It's about 'pull' not push. Something that infects people so positively that they want to share it immediately.”

The Branded Content & Entertainment Lotus trophies went to:

  • ADK Taiwan, Taipei for UNI Noodle ‘House of Little Moments’ in Best Use of Fiction Film and Best Integrated Campaign

  • BBDO Bangkok Ltd. for Operation Smile ‘The Painted Smile’ in Best Use of Experiential

  • BBDO China, Shanghai for Master Kong ‘Endless Love Song~ The Reun ion of Noodles & Soup’ in Best Use of Music

  • Denstu Inc., Tokyo for Android ‘Android Chorus’ in Best Use of Experiential

  • Leo Burnett Beirut for Johnnie Walker ‘Keep the Flame Alive’ and Always ‘Saudi Women’s Online March’ both in Best Use of Interactive & Social Media

  • Leo Burnett Sydney for Canon Cameras ‘Canon Decoy’ in Best Use of Non-Fiction Film

  • M&C Saatchi, Sydney for Testicular Cancer Awareness ‘Game of Balls’ in Best Use of Fiction Film

Integrated Lotus
From 29 entries in the Integrated category, there were no trophies given out of the 3 finalists.
Grand Jury President, Jeremy Craigen, Global Chief Creative Officer of Innocean Worldwide, Seoul explained, “It is rare but the entered work this year in the Integrated category did not present well through the judging process, and had indeed room to improve.”

ADFEST’s INNOVA Lotus Award is given for outstanding innovation ideas for communication. The category received 49 entries this year.

There were 5 awards given out, including 1 Grande, 1 Grande for Humanity and 3 INNOVA Lotus.

Colenso BBDO, Auckland won the Grande award for DB Export ‘Brewtroleum’, The Grande for Humanity is given to BBDO Bangkok Ltd, Bangkok for Duang Prateep Foundation ‘Moto Repellent’

The INNOVA Lotus awards were presented to:

  • Cheil Worldwide, Seoul for Olleh TV ‘ KT Life Saving TV’                                                      

  • Colenso BBDO, Auckland for Volkwagen ‘Reduce Speed Dial’

  • Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyo for SUUMO ‘Shell We Move?’

Lotus Roots

The Lotus Roots category recognizes and encourages great ideas inspired by local beliefs and values and by the diversity of cultures represented at ADFEST every year.

From 153 entries, there was 1 Grande and 5 Lotus Roots awards.
BBDO India, Mumbai scooped another award for Whisper ‘Touch the Pickle’ when it picked up the Grande Lotus Roots ADFEST 2016.

Jeremy Craigen, Grand Jury President and Jury President of Integrated Lotus, INNOVA Lotus and Lotus Roots was particularly pleased with this year’s Lotus Roots entries and said, "Overall I was really pleased with the standard of work here at ADFEST. From traditional media like print and film through to the INNOVA Lotus category, the work continued to amaze and surprise me. The real highlight for me, however, was judging the Lotus roots. Here, I thought the work was exceptional and totally unique to this part of the world.”
The Lotus Roots awards were won by:

  • Ogilvy Group Thailand, Bangkok for WWF ‘Chor Chang’

  • Rumble Creative and Media, Brisbane for same brand name work ‘The Ugly Xmas Rashie’

  • Leo Burnett Melbourne for SPC Canned Fruits and Vegetables ‘#myfamilycan’

  • Leo Burnett Beirut for Johnnie Walker ‘Keep the Flame Alive’ and

  • McCann Worldgroup Japan/McCann Erickson Japan ‘Beer-Lingual’for Malts the Draft

Speaker Sessions – Final Day
The final day of speaker sessions for ADFEST 2016 kicked off in the morning with “Who will be the Future Heroes of Creativity” by Mike Edmonds of Meerkats Brand Leadership Co., Perth. Followed by The Young Lotus of 2016 presented by Hakuhodo creative leaders Kentaro Kimura, Morihiko Hasebe, Elvis Sequeira, Devi Attamimi and Takahiro Hosoda .
After lunch, the D&AD fuelled another session on “Getting from Good to Great: The Power of Creativity” by great legend Steve Henry, Founder of HHCL and Decoded, London. ‘Creativity |Collaboration | Cirque Du Soleil” exchange between Jesko Von Den Steinen and Steven Wang of LEO Digital Group. Finally the last two sessions made delegates linger as Jury Presidents Crossfire II and III happens, moderated by past jury presidents David Guerrero and Charles Cadell.

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