BANGKOK: ADFEST is calling on its community of advertising creatives to help support the Yasmin Ahmad Museum, which has launched a crowdfunding initiative to keep its doors open.

Yasmin Ahmad was awarded the 3rd ADFEST Lotus Legend award in 2014 in tribute to her achievements as an accomplished director and screenwriter, and her 16-year legacy at Leo Burnett. Known for her honest portrayal of the beauty of everyday Malaysian life, she showed ordinary, flawed human beings who are capable of being extraordinary – of achieving great things and great happiness, because love and kinship triumph above all else.

The Yasmin Ahmad Museum was founded by Yasmin’s family in Malaysia with the goal for it to become a place for arts and culture to thrive; as well as to propagate Yasmin's teachings of love, acceptance and harmony in a multi-racial nation.

The museum is now running a campaign via crowdfunding website “” to fund the overheads costs to keep its doors open.

“Yasmin was a wonderful talent who was always fighting against prejudice and discrimination. She had a passion for fighting back with her creativity, and we hope the industry can support her legacy by helping Yasmin Ahmad Museum meet its fundraising target of USD$17,500 by the 24th of November,” says Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST.

Funds raised will go towards the costs of permanent installations; maintenance costs including electricity and basic repairs, administrative fees, transport, and a museum caretaker for at least two years.

“Yasmin’s work has had a tremendous impact on Malaysians. And now more than ever, we need to keep her voice, wisdom and sense of humour alive to continue inspiring us all. I urge everyone who has ever laughed, cried or paused to think after watching one of her films or commercials, to please donate to the crowdfunding campaign. We only have 10 days left," said Iska Hashim, creative director, Leo Burnett Malaysia.

The Museum is rewarding donations (in USD) with mementoes such as personalized t-shirts, printed excerpts from Yasmin’s original movie scripts, booklets of Yasmin’s handwritten notes, and one night’s stay at Sekeping Kong Heng where the Yasmin Ahmad Museum is located.

To help Yasmin Ahmad Museum meet its fundraising target by 24th November, click here or visit
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