SPEAKERS: CHEIL WORLDWIDE’S ANDY JOOHYUN LEE PRESENTS: “Empowering Consumers: Incorporating Consumer Influence in Marketing”
BANGKOK: Dr. Andy Joohyun Lee, Cheil Worldwide's digital expert, is bringing four decades of advertising expertise to ADFEST where he will present a Speaker Session titled Cheil Worldwide Presents ‘Empowering Consumers: Incorporating Consumer Influence in Marketing’.

In a digital world, consumers no longer rely on marketers when they decide to purchase something. Instead, they turn to their friends – people they know and trust. At ADFEST 2013, Dr. Lee will explore a new trend called “process design”, explaining how marketers can proactively leverage this trend.

Today, designing a well-crafted marketing message has become less useful than creating a well thought-out marketing "process", which plots where, how, and by whom your target audience is influenced.

“In this era, consumers’ expectations of marketing inevitably change, and our marketing communication has to evolve accordingly. Consumers expect you to be “human.” They expect participation and collaboration from your marketing. They want to shape your brand with you,” says Dr. Lee.

“When it is the consumers that control your brand and your marketing, your job is to find a way to leverage this movement. You need to do more than just provide a stimulus and wait for consumers’ responses. You should nurture their natural voices, listen, respond to them, guide the conversations to your direction, and eventually let consumers speak out on your behalf.

Dr. Lee is Director of Cheil Worldwide’s Global Digital Campaign Team, where he leads a team of 30 digital experts.

As an expert in consumer behavior and social network marketing, Dr. Lee is currently working to establish a digital marketing model that reflects people-driven digital marketing processes. He is also an entrepreneur, and a writer of various articles on digital marketing and social media marketing.

Cheil Worldwide is a global marketing communications network headquartered in South Korea. In December 2009, Cheil Worldwide bought a significant stake in the UK’s fastest growing agency, BMB, and plans are now underway to launch the brand into new markets. In 2012, Cheil continued its global expansion by acquiring advertising agencies McKinney in the United States and Bravo Asia in China. 

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