BANGKOK: AOI Pro. Inc. in Tokyo and Drum Music in Hong Kong have created a series of animated short films for ADFEST 2013, which bring the festival’s theme, ‘Connect the Dots’, vividly to life.

Directed by AOI Pro’s Ayumi Omori, the films are characterized by their fluidity and beauty and will feature prominently at ADFEST 2013, which runs from 17th – 19th March 2013 in Pattaya, Thailand.

Featuring water colored inks and natural shapes, the films are accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack composed by Peter Millward of Drum Music in Hong Kong.  

“We thought ADFEST’s concept of ‘Connect the Dots’ truly communicates the present state of creativity in the Asia-Pacific. Also, we simply felt a close connection with this idea and the amazing designs developed by Stanley Wong, so we were honored to produce the animation,” says Kumiko Kitamura, Board Member at AOI Pro Inc.

“Ayumi Omori creates her worldviews with a spectrum of methods, but at the core is her hands-on approach, actively involving fellow creators in the process. We hope that everyone will be delighted and inspired by the animations she has created for ADFEST 2013.”

Omori says her animations were inspired by the ADFEST 2013 logo, created by Hong Kong designer Stanley Wong: “We are exposed to plenty of information everyday through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites. The more we praise each other, and share the joy with people around the world by clicking ‘like’ buttons, the more our emotions are enriched and changed. I wanted to depict the joyful moment when one’s existence transforms from a dot to a line almost like a living creature. That's why I chose to organically use the shades and colors of watercolors instead of using digital expressions,” she says.

The creative process was extremely collaborative: Millward continually tweaked his composition to reflect Omori’s animation and its Asian textures, pairing morse-code sounds with her lively dot patterns.

“It was altogether a very cooperative, joint effort, which was very enjoyable and gratifying, especially as we ended up with something so nice, which I think we are all very proud of,” says Millward.

“With the very helpful assistance of Ai Yamamoto, Global Producer at AOI Pro. Inc., I re-worked the theme to suit the animation style Ayumi was proposing, which was very soft, organic and analog,” says Millward.

Vinit Suraphongchai, Chairman of the ADFEST Working Committee, says: “ADFEST would like to thank AOI Pro. Inc. and Drum Music for generously donating their creative talents to promoting ADFEST 2013. Their animations will play a huge role in defining and differentiating this year’s festival. It proves that when you bring two of the region’s top production and music houses tougher, anything is possible.” 

AOI Pro. Inc. is a leading Japanese communications production company specializing in commercial film production, including interactive digital media content, mobile game applications and social media planning and marketing. The company has garnered numerous international and domestic awards, and employs a worldwide network of creative talent.

Drum Music
 is a music production house and consultancy based in Hong Kong. With clients across the Asia Pacific region and beyond, they specialize in bespoke composition and sound design for advertising, TV and film; but also offer voiceover recording; music sourcing and rights clearance, and any other musical content for commercial, retail and entertainment needs.

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