BANGKOK: ADFEST is pleased to welcome Farid Chehab, Honorary Chairman and Advisor to the Board of Leo Burnett Middle East North Africa (MENA), as ADFEST inaugural Jury President of the Effective Lotus.

The Effective Lotus celebrates the contribution advertising makes to driving sales, building brands and delivering measurable results for clients. It is the newest of 16 categories at the 2013 Lotus Awards, which take place on 17th-19th March in Pattaya, Thailand.

“At the end of the day, our business is not art for art's sake, it is to help our brands. But we know also that the more creative the solution, the better the result. So effectiveness is the ultimate torture test for creative advertising that sells. There is a big difference between advertising that can sell more or creativity that does not sell,” says Chehab.

Born in Lebanon and raised in Beirut, Chehab is one of the most celebrated advertising executives in the Middle East. He co-founded H&C Advertising, which partnered with Leo Burnett in 1981, and became Chief Creative Officer for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Leo Burnett in 2006. The agency was the most awarded network at Golden Drum - the leading advertising event in New Europe - in 2008 and 2009.

In 2010, Chehab was elected “Man of the Year” by Arab Ad, the leading communication magazine in the MENA region, in recognition of a decade of sustained outstanding creativity.

“Farid is an accomplished advertising executive, speaker, author and citizen of the world. He contributed to Leo Burnett’s ‘Humankind’ philosophy, he has advised some of Lebanon’s best-known political figures, and he is a formidable choice to helm ADFEST’s first-ever Effective Lotus Jury,” says Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST.

The Effective Lotus winner will be judged according to three criteria, each weighted equally: Strategy, Idea and Results.

"Proven creativity is not a prerequisite for entering ADFEST’s Effective Lotus category. Proven effectiveness is. Creativity is subjective, but effectiveness must be substantiated with results,” says Ted Lim, one of six members of the ADFEST Collective, which helped define the judging criteria for Effectiveness Lotus.

“When determining how this category would be judged, the ADFEST Collective agreed it would not be necessary for a piece of work to be awarded for creativity at other award shows before it can be awarded for effectiveness at ADFEST. By making effectiveness, rather than creativity, the hero, we believe the Effective Lotus will be highly prized by agencies and marketing clients around the region,” says Lim, Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett Singapore.

In 2013, ADFEST will welcome entries and delegates from the Middle East for the first time in its 16 -year history. Chehab is ADFEST’s first Jury President representing the Middle East.

“The economic rise of the Asian nations is tilting the global trade flow south. The Middle East is somehow one of the crossroads of this new flow - a sort of modern Silk Road hub. The success of Dubai in this equation is evidence of new connections and new economic influences. It is then natural that communication trends in Asia and the Middle East meet somewhere,” says Chehab.

ADFEST is now inviting agencies and production companies in the Middle East to enter this year’s Lotus Awards. Deadlines close on 18th January.

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