BANGKOK: ADFEST is pleased to announce the launch of two new Lotus Awards categories in 2013 - the Mobile Lotus and Effective Lotus – bringing the total number of Lotus Awards categories to 16.

“Asia Pacific markets such as Japan and Korea have led the world in mobile for many years, which makes the introduction of the ADFEST Mobile Lotus category especially exciting,” says Brett Mitchell, Director at Pollen Digital, Sydney, who is one of six members of the ADFEST Collective.

“Mobile is the fastest-growing segment of marketing, and arguably the most dynamic space to watch in the communications landscape. Mobile is indispensible to the way we communicate, shop, browse and engage with the world around us, which is why Mobile deserves a Lotus category of its own..”

The Mobile Lotus category celebrates advertising that is designed and activated specifically for mobile devices. Sub-categories include mobile applications, websites, messaging campaigns, mobile games, rich media advertising and mobile video.

ADFEST is also introducing the Effective Lotus category in 2013, celebrating the impact of creative advertising on a client’s business.

“The Effective Lotus will prove what agencies have always known: the best advertising is not just entertainment. It delivers a measurable return-on-investment,” says David Guerrero, Chairman and CCO of BBDO Guerrero/Proximity Philippines in Manila, who is also a member of the ADFEST Collective.

“By commending work in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East for its effectiveness, ADFEST is helping to demonstrate the value of advertising communications for brands and advertisers, while proving that creativity and effectiveness are inextricably linked.”

The Effective Lotus winner will be based on three criteria, each of which is weighted equally including: Strategy, Idea and Results.

“ADFEST is the region’s original advertising awards festival,” says Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST. “Now, with the introduction of the Mobile Lotus and Effective Lotus Awards, the ADFEST Lotus Awards will cement their status as the region’s most relevant barometer of creative excellence.”

Full details of entry criteria, rules and regulations regarding the Mobile Lotus and Effective Lotus are now available on

Entries to the Mobile Lotus category close Friday 4th January 2013.

Entries to the Effective Lotus close Friday 18th January 2013.

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