BANGKOK: ADFEST is delighted to announce that Eric Cruz – Creative Director, Designer, Director and Educator – will be the speaker of the session titled ‘Leo Burnett Presents Reinvention: A Decade of History & Change’ at ADFEST 2012.

“Reinvention is the root for rebirth. As creatives, we need to create and destroy ourselves in order to move forward and progress into new territories. At ADFEST, I’d like to teach delegates how to unlearn what they know, de-professionalize, get lost, then learn everything again and hopefully find themselves anew in the process,” says Cruz.

“ADFEST delegates will gain an insight into how I approach things and my overall outlook on the dynamically changing nature of communications,” says Cruz, who is Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide Malaysia.

According to Cruz, creativity has undergone a seismic shift in the last decade. Traditional media gave way to new media, which quickly became old media. The pace of change accelerates with each new innovation, hastening new skills and new sets of rules.

But what will creativity and creatives of the next generation look like? Where will they come from? What will their product be? How will their process evolve?

At ADFEST 2012, Cruz will shed light on these questions and explain why reinvention is the key to the industry’s survival.

Before joining Leo Burnett & Arc Malaysia, Cruz worked at Wieden+Kennedy in London and Tokyo, collaborating with brands including Nike, Google, Honda, Aiwa, Kumon and Mori Building. He co-founded W+K Tokyo Lab, which is W+K’s experimental music label and creative think tank, which has helped redefine and reinvent the music industry.

His work focuses on the intersection between art and design, moving images and digital narratives, exploring new frontiers in media hybrids.

Leo Burnett Presents Reinvention: A Decade of History & Change’ takes place on Monday 19th March, 12pm during 

ADFEST 2012, which runs from18th– 20thMarch, 2012 at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya, Thailand.  To purchase your Delegate Pass, please visit

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