PATTAYA: ADFEST has tailored its 2012 Festival programme to equip brand agencies and owners in the Asia Pacific with the insights they need to navigate a path to consumers through today's mixed media environment. Agencies and marketers alike should find a wealth of case histories, experience and knowledge that they can absorb and apply in the current volatile global economy.

This year’s Festival line-up features some of the world’s leading marketing experts and trend forecasters:

  1. David Elsworth, Senior Vice President, Creative Strategy & Visual Identity at Coca-Cola Japan: David will provide a rare glimpse into the marketing insights that drive one of the world’s most powerful brands, unveiling how to work with agencies to get the most brilliant ideas out of them. In a Speaker Session titled ‘Winning Creative with the Client’, he will explain the formula that unites business needs with creative brilliance to create brand success.

  2. Neeraj Nayar, President of Contagious/India, Contagious Communications:Neeraj will present ‘Marketing for Humans, not Robots: Less Killer App, More Killer Experience’. This Speaker Session will showcase brand case studies and consumer trends, which indicate a return to the most basic principle of marketing: advertising is not for robots, it's for actual people.

  3. Rosie Arnold, President of D&AD and Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH London: Rosie will showcase ‘D&AD: 50 Years of Inspiring Creativity’, a Speaker Session that encapsulates five decades of groundbreaking creativity, and is designed to provide a timeline of creative milestones that continue to influence marketing executives today.

  4. Bob Greenberg, CEO and global chief creative officer at R/GA: Greenberg’s presentation is titled ‘What’s Next?’ and explores the rapid pace of technology which has forced marketing executives to change their approach to communications. Greenberg believes marketing and brand executives must always look ahead, think about what's next and most importantly, integrate that thinking into their work to stay relevant.

“We are so pleased to have David Elsworth, Neeraj Nayar, Rosie Arnold and Bob Greenberg join ADFEST 2012. ADFEST has tailored its 2012 programme to appeal to a broad mix of marketers and brand strategists, recognizing that brilliant creative ideas rely on close collaboration between clients and agencies,” says Jimmy Lam, ADFEST President.

ADFEST is now selling Delegate Passes to this year’s Festival at, where you will also find full details of this year’s Programme, including travel and accommodation suggestions.

The Festival takes place on 18th– 20thMarch, 2012 at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya, Thailand. 

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