BANGKOK: ADFEST is pleased to announce that winners from the Asia Pacific have won 9 CUP trophies and an impressive 53 nominations at the 5th Intercontinental Advertising CUP in Istanbul, Turkey on 26-27th January.

“THE CUP is one of the most difficult award shows to win because the judging criteria is unlike any other festival. This year’s winners deserve a big congratulations,” says Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST. 

There were 397 entries submitted from four regional festivals this year. Art Directors Club of Europe (ADC*E had the highest number of winners, with 12 CUP trophies, followed by ADFEST (9 CUPs), FIAP (7 CUPs) and Golden Drum (6 CUPs). Almost half of all nominations went to Asia Pacific entries.

Congratulations to this year’s winners from ADFEST:

  • DDB Group, Melbourne for Cussons (Morning Fresh) ‘Dirty Dishes’, which won two CUPS in the Best of Products & Services (Best of Household Products & Maintenance) and Best of Media (Best of One2One) categories.

  • Dentsu Inc, Tokyo forUNIQLO ‘Lucky Line’, which was a CUP winner in the Best of Products & Services category (Best of Fashion, Cosmetics and Luxury Goods)

  • Dentsu Inc. Tokyofor JCB Card ‘Hat / Iceberg / Goldrush’ which was a CUP winner in the Best of Products & Services category (Best of Financial).

  • Cheil Worldwide, Seoulfor 3M Super Sticky Post-It ‘Express Train’, which was a CUP winner in the Best of Media category (Best of Outdoor).

  • Wieden + Kennedy Tokyofor Nike Japan’s ‘Write the Future: Tulio’ campaign, which was a CUP winner for Best Integration of a Global Idea into a Local Culture in the Best of AdMaking category.

  • Taiyo Kikaku & RHIZOMATIKS for Nike Japan’s ‘Nike Music Shoe’ (Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo), which was a CUP winner for Best Craft for Production in the Best of AdMaking category

  • Masashi Kawamura/Qanta Shimizu/Saqoosha/Hiroki Ono in Tokyofor Zeith.,Ltd/SOUR ‘Mirror’, which won two CUPs in the Best of Media (Best of Interactive) and Best of AdMaking (Best Use of Technology) categories.  

Meanwhile, the Grand CUP Winner was awarded to Spanish agency Germinal Cominicacion for its campaign for Doctors Without Borders called ‘Pills against the others pain campaign’. The campaign encouraged Spaniards to purchase pills to heal other people’s pain, and was also a CUP winner for Best of Social Engagements in the Products & Services category.

“In international festivals like Cannes, big brands like Adidas, Nike, Coca Cola – which are mainly based in America or from a big country in Europe – almost always dominate the Grand Prix and Gold awards,” says Satoshi Takamatsu, Founder and Chief Creative Director of Ground in Tokyo, who was Jury President at the 5th CUP.

“In this festival I feel like here we are following another philosophy. We opened our minds to understand different cultures from around the world, which are unfamiliar cultures to us. It’s easy to find big flowers in Cannes, but it’s difficult to find small beautiful flowers. At THE CUP, it does not matter how big the flower is: if the flower is related to a cultural background, we try to find it no matter how small it is.”

THE CUP brings together the crème de la crème of advertising campaigns created across four continents. Winners from ADFEST (Asia Pacific), FIAP (Ibero America), Golden Drum (Eastern Europe) and ADC*E (Europe) are entered into THE CUP, where they are judged by the highest-level international jurors.

THE CUP features categories such as ‘Best Integration of a Global Idea into a Local Culture’, ‘Best Universal Idea Created in a Local Market’, and ‘Best Use of Local Culture’, which sets it apart from any other advertising festival in the world.

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