BANGKOK: ADFEST is delighted to announce that Rosie Arnold – President of D&AD and Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH London – will present a Speaker Session at ADFEST 2012 titled ‘D&AD: 50 Years of Inspiring Creativity’.

“I have always wanted to travel to Thailand so I’m really looking forward to coming to ADFEST to showcase 50 years of inspiring creativity at D&AD,” says Arnold. “D&AD Black Pencils are still the hardest awards to win in advertising bar none, and winning a Black Pencil represents the pinnacle of an advertising creative’s career. At ADFEST 2012, creative professionals from across the Asia Pacific will have the chance to feast their eyes on five decades of Black Pencil-winning work.”

Arnold, who is one of the world’s most powerful women in advertising, will present a Speaker Session at ADFEST 2012 on Tuesday 20th March. Her presentation will address how D&AD helped her get her first job at BBH, and how it inspired and provoked her. She will showcase some of the work that she admires from D&AD’s history to the present day, touching on other influences she has gleaned from living a full and hectic life.

ADFEST is pleased to take part in D&AD’s 50th anniversary celebrations this year by hosting an exhibition titled ‘Five Decades of D&AD Black Pencils’ during ADFEST 2012. The exhibition will include a ‘Black Pencil Showreel’ of the world’s most groundbreaking TV commercials and film, which features industry greats such as co-founder of BBH John Hegarty (who was Grand Jury President at ADFEST 2009) and directors Ridley Scott and Frank Budgen.

“D&AD is the beacon most young creatives in our region look up to. Each year, many of the D&AD winning entries set a new benchmark for creativity. I am so pleased to have Ms Rosie Arnold join ADFEST 2012. I am sure she will inspire our delegates, the majority of whom are ad agency creatives hungry to learn,” says Jimmy Lam, ADFEST President.  

According to D&AD: “Black Pencils represent the best of the best. They are awarded for work that is truly groundbreaking. As part of D&AD's 50th anniversary celebrations we have collated all of the work that has achieved this highest level of recognition.”

The D&AD exhibition will give delegates at ADFEST the chance to take a trip down memory lane, enjoying Black Pencil winners from the 1960s on. Based in London, D&AD is a charity organization that celebrates and nurtures outstanding work in design and advertising.

ADFEST 2012 takes place on 18th – 20th March, 2012 at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya, Thailand.  To book your Delegate pass, please visit

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