BANGKOK:ADFEST is pleased to announce it is establishing the first Asia Pacific chapter of the World Producers Summit, which will take place during ADFEST 2012 in Pattaya, Thailand.

On March 19, or Day Two of ADFEST 2012, ADFEST will host a half-day summit for 40 of the top production company owners across the Asia Pacific.

“ADFEST continues to embrace and support the production industry by bringing the region’s top producers together to discuss the trends and challenges that will impact the future of their businesses,” says Jimmy Lam.

The World Producers Summit provides a forum for production company owners to gather and discuss specific issues they have encounter as the industry continues to evolve and globalize. This forum offers every attendee the unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from their peers, as well as possible solutions to current and emerging business challenges.  The forum is a closed door, strictly invitation only function reserved specifically for registered delegates of ADFEST who are production companies’ business owners.

The Summit’s mission is to convene a series of forums for the global community of motion image producers, with the goal of finding solutions to common issues.

The ADFEST forum will raise awareness of industry-wide problems for the purpose of elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of the production business in the Asia Pacific.

Convened for the benefit of the region’s top Asian producers, the forum will help connect the Asian community to the global production community. The WPS has been convened for the past eight years at the Cannes festival for the Global community and for the benefit of the South American production community during the Ciclope Crafts Festival in Buenos Aries for the past two years.

The founders of this peer to peer network, AICP President Matt Miller (USA), CFP-E President Francois Chilot (France) and Exec. VP Stephen Davies (UK) will serve as MC's and organizers of this special session.

“Running a successful production company in 2011 means having the best possible understanding of new opportunities and threats to your company,” says Francois Chilot. "This summit gives producers in the Asia Pacific the chance to learn from other production companies around the world.”

This partnership with the World Producers Summit cements ADFEST’s commitment to supporting the production industry by facilitating global conversations and networks.

The World Producers Summit will be hosted by :

François Chilot - MD Les Producers - President CFPE –
Steve Davies - Chief Executive APA / Executive Vice President CFPE
Matt Miller - President and CEO AICP - 

ADFEST 2012 takes place on 18th– 20thMarch, 2012 at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya, Thailand.  For further information, please visit

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