Youngho Hwang
Creative Director
Innocean Worldwide

Young-Ho, Hwang started to work in the field of advertisement in 2005 and joined Innocean in 2010. He created advertising with clients in various areas such as Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Hyundai Card, Coway, SK Telecom, Domino’s Pizza, Google Play, KT and etc. In more details, as a Creative Director, Hwang produced Kia Motors’ Global Carnival Campaign, Domino's Pizza Campaign, Samsonite RED, and Hyundai Motors’ concept car campaign called SEVEN.

In 2013, he won Bronze from the Cannes Lions and Gold from the AD STARS with the Domino’s Pizza “Water Drop” campaign. Hwang also won Bronze from the CLIO and Silver from both the Spikes Asia and the ADFEST for the SONATA "touch the music project". Then in 2015, he won Silver from the ADFEST for Giordano's "Hope on Display." In 2016, Hwang won Silver from Spikes Asia for Hyundai’s "Brilliant Kids Motor Show", and another Silver from Spikes Asia and AD STARS in 2017 with Hyundai’s “Shackleton’s Return.” 

Hwang has been nominated as a jury for 2020 AD STARS, 2020 NEW STARS, and 2020 SEOUL CREATIVE FESTIVAL and successfully carried out his role. 

Hwang believes that what advertisers should do is finding and solving problems; they look into the parts that the others don't usually see. As an advertiser, his role is exploring numerous things and presenting new perspectives to the public in terms of solving problems by creatively conveying the messages. Thus, he has been trying to discover a method that can resonate with all people regardless of their different nationalities and cultures. Hwang has a strong belief that creative solutions can always solve most of problems of the world and produce new values.

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