Soora Min
Executive Creative Director & Chief of the Digital Studio Group
Cheil Worldwide

MIN SOORA started her career as a copywriter of Cheil Worldwide in 1988 and became the Creative Director (CD) in 2008. From 2006 to 2012, she led KOREA TeleCom’s campaign, which was most sensational and turned out to be a big success. In the meantime, she led other essential campaigns covering Samsung’s Galaxy, Galaxy Note and home appliances including TV, air-conditioner and refrigerator. From 2014 to mid-2018, she worked as Executive Creative Director (ECD) of Cheil China took charge of a number of campaigns including mobile part and home appliances part of Samsung Electronics, and Orion China. Particularly, the “Come to Our Home” campaign recorded over 380 million views.  

In addition to KOREA TELECOM and Samsung Electronics Mobile, MIN SOORA has led campaigns of various fields like FMC brands (including ORION China, CJ Korea) and financing / banking / insurance brands. Her job is not bounded in writing good copies. She focuses on establishing a strategy for the brand. She is able to propose targeted and practical alternatives regarding how to increase sales, how to improve brand image and to what extend it could be achieved.   
In 2013, she participated in Cannes Lions Advertising Festival (Promotion field) as a Jury. With more than 30 juries, she debated intensely and finally formed special friendship with them. It was a very honorable and unforgettable experience. It made her feel proud, responsible and happy for being an advertising person.  

In 2018, after finishing 4 years stay in Beijing, MIN SOORA returned to Seoul to be the leader of the Digital Studio Group. Now she sees the breathtaking environmental changes of advertisement, and is thinking about what the creativity is in the world of big data and brand-new technology.

Dealing with the media (Google, YouTube, Baide, YouKou, Weixin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that have most of consumer-related information, what role could the creativity could do? In an environment that changes day by day, how should we meet clients’ need and work with them. How would we seniors open the ways for the juniors? She thinks and questions every day.  

MIN SOORA, though her native language is Korean, is good at English and Chinese, having lots of interest in different cultures and societies. She likes what has gone but thinks more about what is coming. That is what she is. She continues to be so in the future.
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