Sachin Kamble
National Creative Director
Leo Burnett India

Sachin is born and brought up in city of dreams, Mumbai. And almost like a default setting, he has a ‘Never give up’ attitude. The city is a melting pot of all cultures from every state of India, and Sachin has been patiently and tactfully absorbing all of that and reflecting it in his work for the past 17 years. From transforming businesses to winning awards for them, he has worked very closely with his clients. Sachin has won more than 100 national and international awards Including ADFEST, Spikes Asia, One Show, Cannes Lions, Clio and D&AD for his work.

However, at the heart of it, creating work that truly makes a difference for society at large, will always be his first calling. Like the thought of buying a dying warship and breathing new life into it, by melting it and building the Nation’s Bike, popularly called the Bajaj V. A perfect example of inspiring ideas meeting an impossible dream. Which also made Bajaj the first ever Indian brand to win the Creative Effectiveness award at Cannes Lions. If that wasn’t enough, Sachin spearheaded the Jeep Democracy drive. At a time in the Indian political landscape, where every vote counts, the idea was to get Jeep to ferry voters from remote rural locations in India to the voting booths. Booths that were miles of rough terrain away.

He sits right now at the crossroads of storytelling, technology, new media and innovation. And waits for the next big thing that’ll shake up the world.
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