Judging will be done by a panel of industry experts and the procedure overview is as follow:
Entries are first shortlisted after the juries votes are tallied from the 1st round Finalists are voted through discussion of each shortlist Winners are voted from each finalist in a discussion round The decision of the Juries in all matters related to the awarding of medals will be final and binding
Interest Voting: At all stages of judging, a jury may not vote or be involved in any discussion on entries submitted by his/her company in his/her own city or on entries submitted by an overseas office for which he/she worked during the time the entries were produced.

The juries will make the final decision on the allocation of medal winners. If they feel none of the works is a Lotus winner, juries may not award any Lotus winner in that sub-category. Only ONE Gold can be awarded per sub-category*. A maximum of THREE Lotuses can be awarded in a given sub-category*.
*Except INNOVA Lotus & Lotus Roots:
Gold, Silver, Bronze will not be awarded for these Lotus categories, but INNOVA Lotus & Lotus Roots There is no limit on the Lotus winners for INNOVA Lotus & Lotus Roots If the winner is a Corporate Social Responsibility or Public Services & Cause Appeal work, it will compete for the Grande for Humanity. The Grande of Lotus Award will be selected from all the Gold winners that are NOT Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Services or Cause Appeals works, which will compete for the Grande for Humanity. ADFEST Organizer reserves the right to determine the entries eligible to compete in the Grande for Humanity including but not limited to corporate social responsibility campaigns, anti-smoking, anti-drugs & other addictions, anti-drunk-driving, road & public safety awareness, health & hygiene awareness, political & religious messages, unions & associations, environmental awareness, human rights awareness, animal rights, government & forces recruitment, state education, racial, ethnic & disability awareness, gender equality, abuse, charities, volunteers & donation appeals, NGOs. Such works do not have to be by or for Public Services organizations or NGOs, but the main determinant of its eligibility lies in the messages or causes of the work itself.
Lotus Roots
If there is only One INNOVA Lotus & Lotus Roots awarded, Grande of Lotus will not be awarded.
If there are two or more INNOVA Lotus & Lotus Roots awarded, the juries must vote for the Grande of Lotus.
Audio Lotus
Brand Experience Lotus
Branded Entertainment Lotus
Design Lotus
Digital Craft Lotus
Digital Lotus
Direct Lotus
eCommerce Lotus
Effective Lotus
Film Craft Lotus
Film Lotus
Media Lotus
Mobile Lotus
New Director Lotus
Outdoor Lotus
PR Lotus
Press Lotus
Print & Outdoor Craft Lotus
If there is only One Gold Lotus awarded, Grande of Lotus will not be awarded
If there are two or more Gold Lotus awarded, the juries must vote for the Grande of Lotus.
Lotus winners will receive a trophy and a certificate. Finalists will be given certificates.
All winners including finalists will be included in the ADFEST Award Annual.
Finalist 1 Point
Bronze 3 Points
Silver 7 Points
Gold 15 Points
Grande 30 Points
Finalist 7 Points
INNOVA Lotus/Lotus Roots 20 Points
Grande 35 Points
Note: If award winners are not present at the Award Presentation, ADFEST Lotus Awards will be sent to the local agency network representative or directly to the winners at the agency’s own expenses.

There are no campaign entries, so works in a campaign must be entered as singles. However, during judging, juries may group single entries into a campaign. In which case, the scoring for the campaign will be scored from the point for that award plus additional campaign point (1 point each).

For example, a Silver campaign comprising of 3 single entries will be awarded 9 points: that is, 7 points for the Silver win, plus 2 campaign points. A Gold campaign winner with 4 single entries will be awarded a total of 18 points: 15 points for the Gold win plus 3 campaign points, and so on.

If a work or campaign constitutes work(s) from multiple agencies and networks, the scores of the winning work will be allocated proportionately.

Example 1: An entry that is the collaboration between Agency A (Network 1) & Agency B (Network 2) wins Gold (15 points).
Agency A 7.5 points Network 1 7.5 points Agency B 7.5 points Network 2 7.5 points

Example 2: A campaign entry grouped from 3 single entries wins Grande of Film Lotus (30 points), where:
Single Entry 1: Agency X Network α
Single Entry 2: Agency Y Network α
Single Entry 3: Agency Z Network β

The points will be awarded as follow:
Agency X, Agency Y, Agency Z 10 points each
Network α 20 points
Network β 10 points
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