Only one party may enter a particular work into a given sub-category. It must be agreed in advance between the parties concerned. If a work is entered twice in the same sub-category, ADFEST will accept the first entry submitted. Each Branded Entertainment Lotus/Brand Experience & Engagement Lotus/Design Lotus/Direct Lotus/eCommerce Lotus/Effective Lotus/INNOVA Lotus/Integrated Lotus/Interactive Lotus/Lotus Roots/Media Lotus/Mobile Lotus entry or campaign constitutes one entry. For Audio Lotus/Film Lotus/Film Craft Lotus/New Director Lotus/Press Lotus each advertisement constitutes one entry. Advertisement which forms a campaign will be entered and paid for as single entries, e.g. 3 ads which form a campaign must be entered and paid for as 3 separate entries, but can be shown consecutively. Individual teaser ads are not eligible. For Outdoor Lotus/Print Craft Lotus, depending on the sub-category or nature of the work, each advertisement or campaign may constitute one entry. ADFEST reserves the right to disqualify entries that fail to provide required documentations. Advertisements that have been run purely to make them eligible for competition will be disqualified and the submitting organization may be banned from ADFEST competitions for a period of 3 years. ADFEST Organizer reserves the right to move entries to more appropriate Lotus category or sub-category. Advertising which might offend national or religious sentiments or public taste will not be accepted. ADFEST reserves the right to disqualify inappropriate and offensive entries. ADFEST Organizer reserves the right to disqualify an entry if full payment is not made before judging commences. No refund will be given for wrong entries, withdrawn entries or disqualified entries. Entry credits CANNOT be revised after Friday 15th February 2019.
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