It’s that feeling when you’re smokin’ hot, you get a fire in your belly that urges you to say your piece.

You’re invincible, dynamic, resilient, empowered by passion. Nothing can stop you and people will hear you roar!

All that creative energy comes together at ADFEST 2020 “Fired Up!” so be ready to feel the heat when you join us.

Rally and give your support to those now emerging onto the scene as ADFEST offers students of advertising and communications the chance to compete for the very first Lotus Seeds Award.

Be there to see the winners of Young Lotus and Fabulous Five – talented individuals that are starting to flex their creative muscle and turning heads.

Grab the chance to learn from the masters, Speed Dating with Juries.

Ideas that shine the brightest. The courage to question the status quo. The energy to change the world for the better.

What will you back? Who will you meet? How will it change your creative world? Will you be fired up?

Come and see ADFEST Fired Up! from 18 – 21 March 2020 and celebrate the hot new creativity exploding across in our diverse region.
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