Sabertooths and dinosaurs ruled till the ice age.

But what survived is cockroaches.

At any given point of time the world is always divided into two species.

But being bigger is no guarantee of a survival.

There is always a third that thrives.

What differentiates this tiny ‘third’ from those Goliath ‘two’?


A hybrid always has a better chance of survival than pure breeds.

This ‘Pure breed’ syndrome is languishing advertising, today.

Today we are divided like vampires and lycans. (Creative and Business (servicing/planning)

You can be a ferocious vampire or a savage lycan, but to the core you are either bitten by a bat or a wolf.

That makes you weak.

Because you can either suck the blood or rip someone apart but You can’t do both.

You are not *Michael Corvin: A hybrid-The fittest.

Nature kills the one who may be the strongest but not the fittest.

A client is no more interested in the age-old copy-art-servicing-planning system. She has moved on from the clutches of cliché designations/roles.

She is fed up of seeing vampires and werewolves.

She wants to interact with a hybrid now.

*Michael Corvin is the hybrid character in the Hollywood ‘Underworld’ series of films.





A teetotaler--‐nonsmoker--‐vegetarian–Pranav Harihar Sharma was born in India and holds an MBA degree in marketing. Right from his childhood he was interested in art & creative side of life. As a dyslexic kid he had not-that-great childhood, when he used to struggle right from tying up shoelaces and necktie to solving the formulas of mathematics and equations in physics. While Pranav was in his final year of MBA, he joined a small advertising agency, in Indore as a summer trainee in client servicing department. That’s when he realized that he wants to pursue his career in advertising and that’s too in creative. Post-graduation, he joined another agency as a proof reader. While in Indore, he won First Cannes-Yahoo International Big idea chair for the short animation Film ‘You Vs. Him’, he wrote and directed for green awareness. As a reward he attended Cannes Lions Advertising Festival as yahoo delegate and got a couple of job offers from the biggies of Indian advertising. He joined Rediffusion YR Mumbai and later DDB Mudra Mumbai. Thereafter he worked with agencies like JWT Delhi, Rediffusion YR Delhi, Linen Lintas Delhi, Grey Worldwide Gurgaon. His last job was with Rediffusion YR Group as an Executive Creative Director-West & North. Right now he is associated with Leo Burnett Mumbai as an Executive Creative Director. Pranav has won more than 200 National and International advertising creativity & effectiveness awards like, ADFEST, New York Festivals, London International Awards, Cannes, Goafest, Mirchi Kaan, Olive Crown, EFFIEES, EMVIES, so far.

In the year 2010 he was given the title of ‘Radio writer of the year’ at mirchi kaan awards.

In the year 2011 he was named as Ad club Mumbai’s Young Achiever.

In the year 2015, he was chosen as one of the ‘Fabulous Four Directors from Asia Pacific’ by ADFEST Asia. (The first and the only Indian to feature in fabulous four, till date).

Pranav is a film maker too and so far has directed 30 ad films and two short films. He has directed India’s first period short film titled, ‘1869’.

He was given ‘Golden Elephant for best direction trophy’ for his film,’ 1869’ in recently concluded International Children Film Festival 2017.

So far his films have screened in various film festivals like Cannes Film festival, One screen, Indisches Film Festival, Germany, New York short film festival etc. and won various awards.

In 2016, Sharma featured in Campaign Asia's '40 Under 40' list of rising stars.

In his citation, he was called a one-man agency because of his ability to write a script, sell it to the client and even direct the shoot.

Pranav believes in shifting shapes. He believes in Transformation.