Welcome to FCB’s Never Finished Story. The theory suggests that brands should by no way be static and unchanging. On the contrary, the idea of Never Finished implies an innate ability to change, evolve and grow with the times. It implies a fundamental shift from ‘building’ a brand story that is large, monolithic and static to ‘dissolving’ a brand’s story so that it is fluid enough to be told in different contexts, in different ways.

In order for a brand to truly tell a Never Finished Story, it needs exceptionally strong roots. We call these roots The Brand Bedrock. The Bedrock is far more than a propriety agency tool. We like to think of it as a guiding North Star that informs and influences every element of a brand’s ecosystem from packaging and promotion to service and storytelling.

A strong Bedrock helps a brand resolve multiple tensions, such as those between its Past and its Future or those between the need for Consistency versus the need for Relevance.

While the Brand Bedrock is the first step towards building a Never Finished Story, our Never Finished Scale is the last. It’s a 6 Point Scale for measuring creative impact that leaves absolutely no room for mediocrity or middle-of-the-road storytelling. The first 3 points on the scale are reserved for work that ranges from the offensive to the innocuous. But then things start to get interesting; 4 is reserved for work that is Provocative- that makes you stop, think and react in some way. 5 is awarded to work that Creates Behaviour of some sort- that invites people to participate and act. And 6 is the Holy Grail- reserved for work we believe is equity building and conversation making in perpetuity; work that is truly Never Finished.

Last but not the least, our Never Finished Story would be incomplete without mention of our most important asset- our Clients. Creating work that is Never Finished requires both our clients as well as ourselves to be brave together; for us to make brave choices in storytelling and for our clients to make brave decisions by believing in them. It’s when Courage meets Conviction that magic truly happens.





As Chairman & CEO, FCB India, Rohit Ohri leads FCBUlka Advertising and all group agencies of FCB in India. He serves as a member of the global operating committee and reports directly to Carter Murray in New York. He is one of the CEOs helping to guide the global company. Based out of Gurgaon, Rohit leads FCB India’s organisational and overall growth strategy in India.

Rohit has nearly twenty-six years of experience in advertising communications. Under Rohit’s leadership, Dentsu India became the fastest-growing operation in the Dentsu Network. Prior to Dentsu, Rohit headed the Delhi office of JWT India. The office grew rapidly and became one of the most profitable offices of JWT globally.

In his three years at Dentsu India, Rohit made game changing acquisitions like Taproot and Webchutney.

Rohit has been named as one of the Top-10 Advertising Gurus in India in The Indian Express list of the Most Powerful Indians in 2013 and 2012. Rohit was also a part of the The 10 most influential people in advertising in the ET Brand Equity Agency Reckoner 2015-2016. Rohit is actively involved in industry bodies like AAAI and The Ad Club as a member of their executive committees.

A creative thinker and strategic leader, Rohit has an exemplary track record in driving organisational efficiency, enhancing the creative product, developing new business, managing organisational change while driving revenue growth and profitability.