The gender disparity in STEM education is not just cause for concern, it’s cause for action. This is why FINCH; a production company made of filmmakers, artists and engineers; has developed a high school creative technology curriculum for girls.

In 2017 we saw student enrolments in Year 9 Design & Technology jump from 8 to 50 after just one year of teaching creative technology in the pilot school. How? By teaching creativity first, with technology in pursuit.

What we are doing here is inspiring creative bravery that is changing culture. Even though we are an evolving production company, our statement of deep ambition is to impact culture through work that makes us proud. This creative technology curriculum is bang-on brief for us and it’s helping young women realise their creative potential so they can make the world a better place.

Make no mistake, we need to ignite a passion for creative technology in young women or we are all stuffed. A male dominated tech industry means our capability is limited. New solutions require new people. More women means more possibility.

There are lessons here in this unique and compelling case study about passion, innovation, self-belief, confidence and empowerment - including overcoming stereotypes and mindsets prevalent around girls and STEM.

This has become one of the most exciting things we are doing as a company from a cultural perspective. We have every reason to believe that it will engage and inspire at ADFEST in 2018.





Greg Attwells is a renaissance man driven by craft and authenticity. He’s employed full-time as an IP Strategist at FINCH, finding insights that focus creative development as well as brand, marketing and commercialisation strategy. He also spearheads Createable, a High School creative technology curriculum for girls that is teaching young women how to channel their creativity through technology, giving them a platform to realise their potential.

Empowering women is a core value for Greg who believes deeply in their capacity and potential for leadership, influence, creativity and impact. This belief has led Greg to also chair the board of Iysha, a non-profit that provides host family accommodation for female survivors of human trafficking, of which his wife Penny is CEO. Greg has a Communications Degree in Digital Media and a Masters Degree in Leadership.

Moved by honesty, Greg is a prolific songwriter and unique Australian artist. He has released numerous albums over the last 7 years hailing from folk/gospel roots, growing more recently into an edgier pop offering with a Springsteen-esque flair. His work has been featured on radio, TV and internationally released feature films and he’s really only just getting started.