Short Films for ADFEST 2014 by the Fabulous Four
  Entrants must be directors or assistant directors based in Asia and the Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, and Middle East.
  If selected, the script under the theme "Co-Create the Future"must be one of the first 7 works directed by the entrant.
  Works which might offend national or religious sentiments or public taste are not eligible.
  Works which have infringed any of its country of origin's voluntary or regulatory codes of practice are not eligible. It is the responsibility of the entrant to withdraw such work should an infringement arise prior to the screening at ADFEST 2014.
  Previous Fabulous Four directors are not eligible for script submission.
Each entrant submits (free of charge) a script for a 5 minute short film under the theme, "Co-Create the Future", the theme of ADFEST 2014.
All scripts will be read by the Film Craft & New Director jury panel, who will independently vote for 4 of their favorite scripts. Scripts will be sent anonymously to all juries with no information on the identities of the directors to ensure greatest fairness and transparency.

The 4 directors whose scripts receive the highest score will be notified by ADFEST to produce the short film of the scripts they submitted.
The short films will be debut at ADFEST 2014.

ADFEST will provide return economy airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, and full delegate registration for these 4 selected directors to attend ADFEST 2014 to show and discuss their works at the Fabulous Four session on Saturday 8th March 2014.
IMPORTANT: Each entrant must also sign & send in the script submission for to verify they meet the eligibility criteria.
NOW – Fri 20 Dec Entrants submit a scenario script (in English) in word document format for a 5 minute short film of their interpretation of “Connect the Dots”, theme of ADFEST 2014.  
  Note: Each Director/Assistant Director can only submit one script  
Mon 23 Dec – Fri 10 Jan Film Craft & New Director jury panel members vote for their favorite 4 scripts  
By Fri 17 Jan Directors of the top 4 scripts are notified to produce the short films  
Sat 18 Jan –Fri 15 Feb Short film production  
  Note:The Directors may shoot with film stock, HD camera, DV-cameras, or other equipments. However, there will be no production subsidy provided by ADFEST  
By Fri 21 Feb All hi-res short films by the Fabulous Four arrive at the ADFEST Office in Bangkok  
Wed 5 Mar The Fabulous Four arrive in Pattaya  
Thu 6- Sat 8 Mar ADFEST 2014  
Sun 9 Mar Departure from Pattaya  
For more information
Ms. Nat Luevarapong
Entry Manager
Tel:        + 662-530-9300 # 23
Mobile: + 6687-711-6903
Email: Nat@ADFEST.com
To download Script Submission Form, visit http://www.adfest.com/Entries_fabulous.php