Make sure you’ve read through all the Rules & Regulations, which contain information on eligibility, format, and required materials you must submit with your entries. You must also read the sub-categories of the Lotus Award you are submitting to carefully for a clear understanding of the sub-categories most suitable for your work. Click on Entry Submission tab to enter your entry details.
For each Lotus Award category, there are tips and notes on required materials for your reference.
  Create new account, or if you have submitted to ADFEST before, enter your account details in Existing Users Login.
  Select the Lotus Category you wish to enter.
  Select the sub-category.
  Submit your entry details.
  IMPORTANT: Please make sure you re-check your credits as ADFEST will not be responsible for any mistakes done by the entrant's part.
  Submit your entry materials.
    For Film Lotus, Radio Lotus, Film Craft Lotus, and New Director Lotus, entrants can upload their works directly through the system.
But entrants must send the original document for legitimacy of entry by post.
    For other Lotus Award categories, entrants must submit work by post only.
  Once you have submitted all your entries’ details, click “Pay” at the bottom right of your Entry List to proceed to Payment.
  You do not need to click “Pay” until you have completed all entries’ details. That is, you do not need to pay for each entry individually.
  Select your Payment Method. ADFEST accepts payment by Credit Card (via AsiaPay), Bank Transfer, and Cheque (for Thailand only),
  - Credit card transactions will be processed through AsiaPay’s secured payment. Once the payment is successful, you will see our payment confirmation note with the receipt.
  - For Bank Transfer, please make sure all invoice details are accurate. You will receive a proforma invoice for the transaction. Once the transfer is processed, you will see our payment confirmation note with the receipt.
  - For Cheque payment, (available for Thailand only), please contact
  All materials must be provided in the format as specified in Technical Requirements.
  Please note that it is the entrant's responsibility to guarantee the arrival of the entries’ shipment at ADFEST Office and to cover fully all courier, mailing and insurance costs and any import duties where applicable, in advance, up to and including arrival at ADFEST Office.
If you have any questions or need assistance with the Entry Submission system, please contact:
Nat Luevarapong
Entry Manager
+ 662-530-9300 # 23
+ 66-87-711-6903